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Codec Market

Enables Massively Scaled Video Streaming on Devices


Codec Market One Enables Massively Scaled Video Streaming on Devices, Including Legacy Mobiles. Delivers 4K Video Encoding in Rapid Turnaround for Intensive Applications.

About Codec Market

Codec Market Inc. is a leading cloud solution for efficient video encoding. It is the first AI-optimized video cloud acceleration solution, and enables high-quality video to be distributed efficiently and at lower costs than any other firm. Comprised of leading video engineers who have successfully implemented industry-standard video codecs into large-scale deployments for government and media customers, Codec Market was founded by Daniel Summer, a supercomputer designer renowned for efficient optimization of chips and cloud resources. 

Delivery at Scale

Delivering high-quality video files - up to 4K and 8K - for distribution at lower costs over all networks and devices, including legacy iPhones


With Codec Market, content publishers can deliver better quality video to more people at lower costs and faster turnaround times. 


Secure encoding at scale for entertainment, government, and military customers

Machine Learning

Codec Market leverages machine learning techniques that optimize secure encoding at scale for video-on-demand libraries and, soon, live-streamers


Codec Market  is also tested with V-Nova, leading developers of video codecs and supporters of the Low Complexity Enhanced Video Coding (LCEVC) standard. Codec Market and V-Nova both leverage open source codecs - AV1 and VP-9 - and are supporters of the Alliance for Open Media (AOmedia)

Our Collaborators

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